When it comes to weddings, most people think of it as Photography vs Videography. They either get photos or video and since photography has a monopoly on the situation, many couples have gone without wedding videos. I constantly hear from couples who hugely regret not having a video of their day. When it comes to your wedding, it should be a both-and, not an either-or. You absolutely need photography, but you also absolutely need cinematography. Let me explain why.

Look at the pictures from my wedding directly below.

Can you tell what is happening?

What did she say? What did I say? What made that happen? How did the toasts go? Etc...

Through the pictures we get reminded of a nice memory, but as time goes on, the memory fades.
Our memories lose detail.
Imagine looking at your wedding pictures 1 year after marriage.
Now imagine 5 years later.
10 years...
25 years...
50 years...

With a video, you can immediately be taken back to the wedding day. All the feelings, sounds, words, and details are all there.
No loss of detail.

Watch my wedding video (in fullscreen) below to see the comparrison.

(Keep in mind that my wedding video is 3 years old, that Courtney and I didn't get to film it, and that my main camera broke that day. I still am proud of it and appreciate it immensely. I still feel the emotion and love of the day every time I watch it.)

I hope you know the need for video now.
You don't need to hire me, just have someone film your wedding.
You will regret it if you don't.