Cinematic Highlight Trailer = CHT

Full Wedding Films = FWF

What is your mailing address?

Eric Horner
1070 Montgomery Rd #2147
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

What is the difference in your approach to the CHT vs FWF? 

As a general rule, the CHT is more focused on beautiful shots & not as much on dialog or moments captured in their entirety, while the FWF is more focused on the dialog & capturing moments in their entirety, rather than the absolute best looking shot. However, I will always try to give my clients the best of everything. I strive for perfection with everything I create.

How does the deposit & remaining balance work?

The deposit is half of the total balance & is non-refundable. Upon receiving the deposit, you will officially be inputed into the calendar & not taken off unless you personally have it changed. The remaining 50% is due 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the wedding.

How do you handle travel?

Travel & lodging fee is not included in packages & varies based on location & length of stay required. We love traveling for shoots!

Will we receive the full ceremony?

For the FWF, I film as much of the ceremony as I humanly can. For the CHT, I may or may not film segments of the ceremony. I will mostly be getting shots that look beautiful. However, I always try to film the bridal entrance, vows, & first kiss in their entirety. 

How much of the reception will you film?

For the FWF I will try to film pieces of everything planned that happens during the reception. I film the dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, & any other important event that I had been notified of prior to the wedding. I film using my judgement & knowledge in thinking about the video as a whole. For the CHT I will be filming for beautiful shots. 

How soon will the video be finished after the wedding? When will we receive the DVDs?

CHT will be done 1 month (31 days) after wedding date. FWF will be done 2 months (62 days) after wedding date. DVDs will be shipped out within a week (7 days) of your final approval of the video (being that you have supplied me with your address).

What if we want the video finished sooner than that?

$500 to have video finished a week (7 days) earlier or $100 a day early. Absolute minimum needed days:  21 for CHT, 41 for FWF. So, to have both videos done the absolute fastest, it would cost an extra: $800 for CHT to be done in 21 days, & $1,500 for FWF to be done in 41 days.

What is the process of booking you?

For a wedding, we email back & forth till you are super interested & you know you NEED to hire Perfect Love. Then we Skype & to get a better understanding of expectations & details. I give you the total balance. You mail out the deposit. Once I receive the deposit, you get inputed into calendar. A month (30 days) before the wedding we Skype again (if needed or anything big has changed). Then a week (7 days) before the wedding we Skype again (mandatory) & make sure everything is set & ready to go. We laugh, cry, & I calm your nerves & tell you it's going to be ok.  For all other bookings, you contact me with an inquiry. We email/text/Skype till we agree on price & package. We set a date & once I receive your deposit, you've booked me!

What if I have to reschedule?

IF I AM available on your rescheduled day, it costs you an additional 25% of the total balance to reschedule me. IF I AM NOT available on your rescheduled day, I can't help you. The deposit is still non-refundable. My advice is to find a day that works & NOT reschedule.