The people you will spend the most time with on your wedding day will be your photographer and videographer.
Choose wisely.


We still shoot HD 1080 as well, but primarily use the 4k camera now. We love it!


Another quality that sets us apart is that every video is made from scratch, from the ground floor and up. That's because every couple, relationship, and wedding is unique. One thing that adds to the uniqueness of the videos is that I don't use the same song twice. I'll spend as much time as it takes to find the perfect music for the video. My average song search takes 4 hours. I create the video from the footage, toasts, letters, vows, and other moments from the day. The content dictates the feel and flow of the film.

When hiring a vendor, make sure to meet the people who will be there on your wedding day.


Also, I will be with you throughout the whole process. From the booking to the final delivery. No one cares more about my product than myself. That's why I'm at every wedding that books me. We talk and plan days, months, and sometimes years, in advance via email and Skype to make sure we are on the same page for the big day. Because you get me, you know your wedding day will be a joy. I pride myself on helping you to be comfortable on the potentially most stressful day of your life.


As much as I care about your wedding video and day, I care even more about your marriage. Because of this, I want to make your wedding day and your wedding video as amazing as possible. I have the privilege of offering you... wait for it... time travel. That's right. You get to be transported back to the day you both said, "I do", every time you watch your video. I truly believe that what I do is important, not only because it puts food on my table, but also because it has the potential to be a tool to help your marriage succeed.


My friend and I came up with an analogy to help compare Perfect Love with companies that are able to offer very low prices because of how commercialized and streamlined they are. (Of course this is not always the case. Some commercialized companies take care of their customers well. My biggest tip to avoid the bad ones is to meet the people who will be working your wedding ahead of time. Explore their website. Check out their portfolio. Read their reviews? Etc... This will help to ensure that the company you book won't just hire a random person to film your wedding to save them money.)

Here's the analogy:

You are hungry.
You want a burger.

You have two choices:
- Fast Food Buffet (Others)
- Chef John Doe's Specialty Burgers (Us)

At Fast Food Buffet, you walk in and choose a burger off the menu. It looks appetizing and how can you beat that price! The cashier is chewing gum and talks in an accent you can't understand.  You order the special: 1 Burger, 1 Taco, 1 Salad, 1 Spaghetti, and 1 Ice Cream. She doesn't know anything about you but your name and once you order, you never speak to her again. The place is crowded, but you find a table and sit down. A while later, they call your name and you go to the counter to pick up your tray of food. This is NOT what you ordered. It looks nothing like the picture. The burger is missing the tomato and pickles and it's smashed as if it was made in a hurry... because it was. You ask them to fix it. They tell you they can't. That's fine. You eat your food, cause hey, you saved money.

At Chef John Doe's Specialty Burgers, you walk in and are greeted by Chef John. He says, "Nice to finally meet you in person!" Chef John had personally replied to an email you had sent asking about the restaurant and in the days leading up to your dining experience, had worked with you to be able to deliver the burger that was perfect for you. The restaurant is empty since John only serves one customer at a time. Not that it could hold a lot of people. In fact, the only table is the bar right next to the stove with a couple stools, at which he seats so you can watch the process. The menu just has one option: Unique Burger. "Why is it called Unique?" you ask. He responds, "I never make the same burger twice. Each one is created uniquely for the customer." The two of you talk as he begins the prep work. Through talking with you John gets a feel for your personality and taste. Shortly after, he says, "All done. Let me know if it's perfect. If not, I'll give it another go." He slides you a huge, glorious burger, served on a wooden board with your name etched into it. Your mouth is watering. It looks better than any burger you've ever seen. You bite in. "Perfection."