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Every proposal story deserves a video.
From a simple proposal of two people and a ring, to a flash mob of hundreds and streets shut down...
All proposals deserve to be filmed and immortalized forever.

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My wife's brother, Scott, wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Taylor, and he wanted us to film and take pictures of the whole thing. It was going to be a major surprise.We came up with a plan.

They left Gulfport, Mississippi before noon alone with Taylor thinking they would just spend the day together without us. We quickly packed, put on our disguises, and left for Oak Alley Plantation as fast as we could. We got there and scoped out the area, figured out lenses, settings, etc, then hid at the back of the path near the furthest trees. Courtney was on one side and I was on the other. I had the ring, so we needed to make a drop. I ninja'd over to the bathroom and waited in the first stall on the right. Scott met me there and we finalized the plan... whispering the whole time because Taylor was 4 feet away. They went to do the Plantation tour to buy me time to sneak back to where Courtney was. Courtney waited for 2+ hours by the trees to not be discovered... what a champ.

We were so nervous. This was the most intense thing we had been apart of... our hearts were beating out of our chests. Courtney and I are facing away from the plantation so Taylor won't happen to recognize us. I glance back every once in a while to see when they are coming. I spot Scott and Taylor walking down the path towards us. It's go time. When Scott hit 4 trees from the end, they turned around and headed back to the plantation... that's when we made our move. I start walking behind them and Courtney quickly follows. It's going well when Taylor stops... she is facing the left and we are in her peripherals. She stopped to take a couple's picture! Courtney and I immediately turn around and act like we're taking pics of the trees again. I carefully glance back to see when she'd be done. Finally they began walking back towards the plantation... That's when this video begins.


Travis and I planned out the proposal over the phone... he lives in Arkansas, I live in Florida. He flew me out there to "film a documentary on love". She bought it. I filmed everything except the footage from the day of the proposal.


This client wanted to make a unique proposal video that would be shown to his girlfriend, Michaela. I suggested using the "I Am - Video" format, but making it "You Are"... The result was really great! She said yes by the way :D


I knew I had to go all out for my proposal... I majored in film and I'm Eric freakin' Horner. I also knew that I needed to have all of our friends and family there EVEN THOUGH Courtney said she wanted our proposal to be just her and I. I was willing to risk it for the biscuit. I spent months planning out the proposal video with my youth (at the time I was the Youth Pastor for my church) and wanted to tie in multiple movie references for her enjoyment (and mine) and because I speak in movie quotes. A friend of mine from Full Sail came out (from Arkansas) and helped film the video as well as many of my youth and other friends. We tricked Courtney into thinking she was going to be giving her testimony at youth group and that we were going to film it because "I couldn't be there". It was an elaborate plan and it worked to a T. Laura Yang, my friend and amazing photographer (, was there and took some amazing photos for us too. I love when photos and video come together. Courtney and I are still happily married and loving life! If you'd like to watch the behind the scenes, click here:


Here's my first video I filmed after graduating with my film degree from Full Sail. In school I thought I'd come out being a director or an editor, so foolishly, I never picked up a camera... The day I filmed this was the first time I had operated a DSLR, I didn't know about depth of field, white balance, or anything relating to the camera. The footage was a train wreck. Everyone was purple. I am pretty sure I was filming at 1.4 f-stop too, so the focus was impossible to get right. Thankfully, I was able to salvage the footage with the right song and with editing. After this video I realized I could fix anything in post (not that I wanted to have to do it, but at least I knew I could). Congratulations to my sister and her husband (3 kids and many years later still going strong)!